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The error occurs when PDF is opened with digboard creator.

There is a possibility that the font is not embedded in the PDF file.
Please confirm the settings of the PDF creation software.

Cannot log into digboard creator.

It might be necessary to set proxy server.

Configure it on the "Connection Setting" window. (Click "Upload" and "Connection Setting")

Failed to upload presentation contents with digboard creator.

It is possible the following causes.

  • Your PC is not connected with the network.
  • The size of the file (ex, movie) over 30MB.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint is not in your PC. If you create a content contained PPT, PPTX files, It's necessary to install Microsoft PowerPoint.

iPad contents is displayed late.

The first time you display the downloaded content on your iPad/iPhone, digboard generates the cache files. The content might be displayed late.

We recommend to display and check the contents once before the first show.


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